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Get help filing a trademark in the U.S. as an international applicant

  • to U.S.-licensed lawyers to help international filers 

  • your brand in the largest business market 

  • the requirement to have a U.S. lawyer assist with your USPTO application 

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File for a U.S. Trademark as an International Applicant

Our attorney-led trademark registration process, provided through Swyft Legal, makes filing a U.S. trademark application from outside the U.S. easy.

1. Answer a Few Questions

Everything starts with a simple questionnaire designed to take only a few minutes. Simply share your information, and the legal team will take it from there. 

2. Review with a U.S.-licensed Attorney

The U.S.-licensed attorney reviews your application and makes suggestions regarding your registration. You’ll also have the option of scheduling a consultation call. 

3. File the Application

Once you approve the application, we’ll take care of filing the application with the USPTO, so you can focus on building your brand. 

Dedicated Trademark Representatives

Our team is ready to meet your trademark needs in a professional, courteous, and efficient manner.

File My Trademark with Attorney Help

Comply with Federal Regulations

requires all foreign trademark applicants to be represented by a U.S.-licensed attorney. You generally cannot file without one. 

Attorney-Reviewed Paperwork

The U.S. attorneys strive to maintain the quality and integrity of your trademark application reducing the likelihood of errors that compromise your intellectual property rights or slow down your application. 

Live Consults Available

You can simply approve the attorney’s suggestion or schedule a live consultation with your lawyer to help answer any questions and have peace of mind.  

Protect Your Rights

The attorneys walk foreign applicants through the U.S. trademark system, allowing international businesses to protect their brand in the largest market in the world.  

Foreign Trademark Application FAQs

Still have questions? Call 1 (877) 721-4579 or LIVE CHAT with us for real-time support.

Can a foreign company or individual register a U.S. trademark?

Yes. Anyone can apply for a U.S. trademark from anywhere in the world. Foreign-domiciled applicants, however, must have assistance from a licensed U.S. attorney.

Who is considered “foreign-domiciled”?

A “foreign-domiciled” trademark applicant or party doesn’t have a domicile in the United States or its territories.

For individuals, a domicile refers to their place of residence and principal home. An entity’s domicile refers to its principal place of business (headquarters) where senior executives commonly control the entity’s activities.

Can applicants outside the United States file a trademark registration at the USPTO without an attorney?

No. You’re required to have a U.S.-licensed attorney file on your behalf with the USPTO.

Why do I need a U.S. trademark if I’m in a different country?

A U.S. trademark secures your intellectual property in the United States, which is vital in a globalized economy. If you plan to do business in the U.S. or are already doing so, you’ll want to be as protected as possible.

Should I still apply for a trademark in my home country?

This is up to you. Trademark registration rights are typically limited to the specific country or region where a trademark is registered. Full protection in your home country would require a trademark registration there too.

If I register a trademark as a foreign-domiciled applicant in the U.S., can I still register a trademark in my home country?

Yes. Registering a trademark in the U.S. won’t stop you from seeking a trademark in other countries.

It’s important to remember that trademark laws and regulations vary by country. The attorneys accessed through Trademark Engine are licensed to work in the U.S., so you’ll need to contact a trademark attorney in your home country if you have questions about that specific process.

Does an international applicant need a U.S. business address to file a trademark application with the USPTO?

No, a foreign filer does not need a U.S. address to file with the USPTO.

[email protected]. Swyft Legal, LLC is licensed by the Arizona Supreme Court under license number 70173. Trademark Engine is not a "lawyer referral service" and does not provide legal advice or participate in any legal representation. All legal services provided in connection with the attorney-led trademark process are provided by Swyft Legal, LLC. Trademark Engine is an affiliate of Swyft Legal, LLC.

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