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Amazon’s Brand Registry Program helps protect your brand on Amazon’s Marketplace. To take part, you need a trademark. Start the process to obtain your trademark today.

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Get Started on the Registry with Trademark Engine

The Amazon Brand Registry provides greater protection of your brand and increases your visibility on the Amazon Marketplace. To participate, you have to have a registered trademark. We can help you get there with the USPTO. The brand registry can help you prevent counterfeiters, listing hijackers and trademark infringers.

According to Amazon,

The Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to tools that enable you to more accurately represent your brand, find and report violations, and share information that can help us proactively prevent violations.
Amazon says that one way to be eligible is to have a registered trademark with the USPTO on the principal register for a word mark or a logo. While it takes the USPTO 6-9 months to process applications, Trademark Engine can get you started in a matter of minutes.

Why run a search for similar marks?

Before spending your time and money filing an application, you should do a search to see if your mark is already in use or registered by someone else. A search will help avoid obvious duplications of pre-existing marks. If the USPTO rejects your application, the fees to Trademark Engine and the USPTO are not refundable. If your company is just beginning, it’s better to make name changes now rather than invest in building a brand only to learn that you have to change the name and lose all of your goodwill. All packages include a free, federal direct-hit search.

Search for similar trademarks
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Trademark FAQs

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What does a brand need to do to obtain a trademark registration for the Amazon Brand Registry?

To be eligible for Amazon’s® Marketplace Brand Registry Program, Amazon requires brands to have a registered trademark on the principal register with the USPTO for a word mark or an image-based mark. To be eligible, the application must be complete and approved which may take 6-8 months for the USPTO to process. According to Amazon, they do not accept pending applications or marks registered on the supplemental register.

Why should a brand consider obtaining a trademark registration and therefore be eligible for Amazon’s Brand Registry?

According to Amazon, the benefits of getting on their brand registry include product listing protection from other sellers, more visibility in searches, better conversion rates when people find the brand, more control of the product listings and a more stream-lined process to shut down counterfeiters.

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